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Medieval Shark


Medieval Shark

Your mission is to KILL EVERYTHING.

Why? Because you’re a shark, and not just any shark, but a Medieval Shark. And what do Medieval sharks wield? BIG AXES. As the shark, you control an ax that’s attached at your neck that will swing in a circular motion at your command. With certain power-ups, it can become a much more powerful weapon. It could speed up and become a high-powered circular saw or it can increase in size. Anything is possible when you play Medieval Shark!

To move your shark around, you simply have to use your arrow keys. For a high jump, swim down as deep as you can (pressing the DOWN arrow key) and then swim up (using the UP arrow key).

To wield your ax of destruction, use the letter A (for Attack! Ha!) There are hundreds of different creatures to annihilate in Medieval Shark – hydras, knights in shining armor, ships (which blow up!), various other sea creatures, and even hot air balloons.

There are treasures to be found and traps to avoid… or not – remember, you have an ax! If you get caught in a fish hook, swing it around a little to see what happens. Alternately, drag your captor down in the ocean on your turf to gain the upper hand. Remind him to be afraid of… MEDIEVAL SHARK!