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Max Dirt Bike 4


Max Dirt Bike 4Dirt Bike 4 is a race against yourself to try and beat your own score.

This action game features a dirt bike with a rider as the avatar and the goal of the game is to complete all the levels as quickly as possible. The challenge is trying not to fall off or crash your bike. The less time you take in completing the course, the higher your score will be.To learn the controls of the game, players just need to use their arrow keys and space bar.

Players use the top arrow key to accelerate forward and the bottom arrow key to move backwards, while the right arrow key causes the avatar to do front flips and the left arrow key causes the avatar to do back flips. Restarting the game is as easy as pressing the space bar, so as soon as the player dies you can start a new game immediately.

This feature allows for absolutely no lull while playing the game and can cause players to play game after game. Additionally, if players need to stop their game in the middle of a run, pressing the “P” button pauses the game to be continued later. Also, if the player wishes to play without sound, then pressing the “S” button will toggle sound on and off.

The challenging part of this game is maneuvering through the platforms on the game. If the player does not have enough acceleration off a jump the player will fall flat onto the next platform and end the game. Also, players must be careful of the bottom arrow key because it is just as easy to roll backwards of a platform.

There is also a feature to submit your score onto leader boards after each run. You can see the top scores of the day and all time by clicking the high score option tabs on the main menu screen. This allows players to not only try and beat themselves at the game but also beat other players’ scores.

The game is great for anyone who enjoys fast-paced, platform style games. The challenging platforms paired with the easy controls make this game entertaining to players who are looking for a third-person rider type of game.