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Max Dirt Bike 2


Max Dirt Bike 2

Once again players can put on their helmets and try not to crash in the next installment of the Max Dirt Bike games. Max Dirt Bike 2 is an arcade style flash game by Armor Games, and it is better than the original. Highly addictive, this free to download flash game reminds players of the sheer fun of the arcade style games.

Easy to Play:

It is such a fast moving game, that it is a good thing that the directions are so simple.

1.) The arrow keys are the most important keys in this game. The to lean on the dirt bike, use the left and right arrow keys.
2.) The up arrow key and down arrow key are the directional keys. While, normally going backwards on a dirt dike is not advisable, in the rapidly moving world of Max Dirt Bike 2, the normal rules of physics do not apply.
3.) Finally, the space bar will restart the last level at anytime during game play. A usual function, since crashes are common on the difficult race courses.

Even More Addictive:

With over twenty amazing race tracks to conquer on a dirt bike, it is little wonder that this game is so highly addictive. One of the favorite aspects of this game and the original Max Dirt Bike is that the tracks progressively get more difficult, the length of the tracks stay similar. This allows players to complete some of the levels in only seconds, while other more difficult tracks may take hours depending on the player’s skill.

This entertaining and addictive racing game challenges players to use their knowledge of physics as they race around the tracks. As with any racing game, the fastest time wins and the racer with the most points wins all. Defy physics with death defying stunts all while getting the fastest race time. Beat all the levels and become the champion in the world of Max Dirt Bike 2.