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Happy Wheels


Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels


The only thing happy about this game is…YOU. When you’re playing it you just cant help but laugh at the insanity. After you get over the shock of blood and body parts that you certainly were not expecting from a title like “Happy Wheels”.


At first glance you think this game must be for little girls because its visually a nice pleasant barbie kind of ride in the park. What you first see is blue sky, rolling green hills, flowers and a woman on a bike with her son in a wooden basket in front and her daughter happily peddling behind her on a tandem bike attachment. Sounds adorable right. Sounds like a nice family activity, especially for children.

Let me stop right here and say this is as much of the game you’re going to want your children to see. Now hurry them out of the room and lets get on with some adult fun. I’m sure the whole wholesome look to the introduction of the game is meant to throw you for a loop, little mind bender courtesy of the creator of this grossly unconventional game of skill.

Less than two minutes after you click “PLAY NOW”, you’ll be causing some seriously funny mayhem and carnage to some peculiarly odd characters on different types of vehicles with wheels. There is the previously mentioned woman on a bike with her two children.

A man on a bike with his son in a car seat. The father is wearing a helmet but the son is not, I guess its good he has a helmet on when his head falls off. There’s an Indiana Jones looking man in a miners cart. The rattiest looking old man in a rocket powered wheelchair, I find it odd he has no shoes on but I suppose scuffed feet is the least of his worries when his legs and arms fall off.

The second of only three woman characters in the game is fat, and I mean FAT, so fat she obviously can’t walk to do her shopping. She’s riding a scooter with the cart full of fattening sausage, biscuit mix, sugar and pop. Try not to laugh when her torso ends up in her own cart. The other woman character is riding on the back of a moped driven by a man.

They look like clean cut Americans in an Italian movie. Their facial expression is as if they know they’re about to die a horrifyingly gruesome death. Next character is a business man in a suit on a segway. He squirms up and down like he has to pee. Probably why he’s in such a hurry. Another character is a guy on a pogo stick, hmm no wheels.

However since he looks like he just came from Octoberfest in Germany and has had 1 too many, that might explain why hes one of the hardest characters to control. One of my favorite characters is the African-American redneck on a riding lawnmower. You have to laugh when he does a wheelie. Finishing off the list is Santa in his sleigh being pulled by 2, too tall running jumping kicking elves not flying reindeer. By now, what did you expect. All of the characters are amusing before they even move.

The object of the game is to move your character through each level without dying. Losing body parts is ok, just don’t die. Each level has different sceenery and different obstacles. Not all characters are available on each level though. Im not going to list all of the over 80 levels. They’re all equally fun with names like Fatman Escape, Pokemon Training, Run Human Run, Gut Bus Extreme, Dread Rocks and TX Chainsaw Massacre, you start to suspect a carnage theme.

There are endless types of obstacles, such as people, catapults, holes, spikes, water, prehistoric birds, monsters and knives. Every one of them intending to slice and dice, gore, wound, sever body parts and yes, kill.

The controls are fairly basic keyboard controls.

– arrow up key makes your man move forward / accelerate

– arrow down key moves your man move backwards / decelerate

– right arrow key, lean forward

– left arrow key, lean back

– spacebar controls each characters primary special action.

– shift key, secondary action 1

– control key, secondary action 2

– Z is too eject

– C is too change the camera view

The game does offer you the option to change keyboard keys to suit the player.

Happy Wheels Poster

Each character has a special power that is controlled with the spacebar. Woman on bike with two children has the ability to brake, as does the man on bike with son. The man in the mine cart can stick to the rails. Old man in the wheelchair has a rocket booster.

The fat lady on a scooter has the ability to jump. Couple on the moped can boost. The suited man on a segway has the ability to jump. Pogostick man can jump high by holding the spacebar then releasing. The African-American redneck on the riding lawnmower can jump and also mow up people and food when he runs them over. Santa has the ability to fly for a short amount of time.

Some of the other game options are the ability to adjust how many particles you can see on the screen at once. Particles include blood, broken glass, splintered wood and other tiny flying objects. Decreasing the amount of particles can make the game run better, but you’ll miss out on what’s fun and different about this game. The blood setting allows you to make the blood look more real, liquid, but less of it. Smoothing makes textures less pixelated but can slow things down. The sound can be muted.

The general appeal of this game is in its violence inflicted on what seems like familiar everyday people. Sometimes you just want to hurt something, you can hurt these characters all day long and no harm done. I rarely even finish a level and that is good enough for me. I’d like to see more women characters but if that is my only gripe…I give it, 2 severed thumbs up!

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