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Fmx Team 2


Fmx Team 2

In FMX Team 2, you start off the game by picking your team name. Once you have picked something that suits you, you can start the tutorial. The number buttons 1-6 you can press while your bike is in the air to do various tricks. You can also do a standard flip by pressing the left button or the right button while in the air. You can also do wheelies, while you are on the track by pressing the up and left buttons. But be careful, you don’t want to wreck, which can be an easy thing to do in this game.

When you first begin freestyle in FMX Team 2, they show you what team you can pick to play as. There is Joey Dirt the speed freak, whose highest attribute is max speed. There is also Maikel Maniac, the freestyle icon, whose attributes are equal. There is also Britta Olsen the “femail daredevil” who ranks higher in the acrobatic attribute. Once you pick who you like from those three, you are ready to begin your first race in FMX Team 2. You are given challenges before the race begins.

To unlock more tricks, you have to do what tricks they ask you to do. Once you do the trick successfully, it lets you know that you have unlocked a new trick. By pressing the number 2 button, you can then perform the new trick given to you, and if you unlock more tricks, you press the corresponding number button.

Once you have unlocked more tricks, they are yours to use throughout the race. To keep and earn your points, you must finish the race. You also have to get 200 points worth of tricks to level up and clear the stage. You are only given 3 lives when the race starts, so make sure your timing is good, making sure not to accelerate while you are trying to land from a trick, or else you will wreck.

When the race starts, to get your bike going, hold down the up button, which will make your bike accelerate. If you see yourself starting to tilt too far in one direction, use the opposite direction key to try to level yourself out. Once you crash during a race, you lose all your points and start over from the beginning. This makes FMX Team 2 challenging and addictive.

Once you get past the first stage in FMX Team 2 by scoring enough points and finishing the race, the next freestyle race opens up. Your experience points can be used to raise your attribute 1 per point, however way you like. As you progress, it gets harder to finish races. For example, to finish the second level and win the race you have to score 400 points worth of tricks. You can play as any of the 3 teams, and level them up how you chose, so you can eventually make all of the teams really accurate and fast and able to pull off some of the tricks with ease. But to do this, you will need to put the time into the game.