Earn To Die 3

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Earn To Die 3 or second part of 2012 edition. Earn to Die 3 is one of a kind zombie mashing, brick wall breaking, hurdle crossing game that features a heavy vehicle driven only forward by the player. Apart from just the UP key that moves the vehicle forward, there are right and left keys for balancing of the vehicle so that it climbs swiftly and does not tip over when descending. Earn to Die as the name depicts, earn the player money that is used to upgrade different features of the vehicle at disposal. Better vehicles are unlocked at later stages; initially it is a fire truck. These features include tires, engine, fuel tank size, machine gun and the boost for super fast speed. Cover more distance and earn more money, as simple as that. There is a tip actually, that is to simply keep a finger on the UP key since the other two come to play very little a role. Using booster for covering long distance in seconds makes a lot of money at the end. The aim is more to cover distance than to squish more zombies. To hell with them actually, just go after speed and cover the distance that can be covered at the most. Now and then after a good bump, jump or squeeze, the game slows itself down for appreciating the player for performing an “Excellent” or a “superb feat” in slow motion. Earn to Die 3 is an addicting game, keep on making money and keep adding to the features of the current truck. As soon as the levels get succeeded, the next trucks keep unlocking. It has to be noted that the player needs to play each level several times before succeeding because the fuel just does not last to the end of the level. So, earn money, grow the tank bigger and finish the level off steadily.

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Earn To Die

Rating: 4.0/5