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Bike Champ 2


Bike Champ 2
Bike Champ 2

All across the internet there are dozes of off-road biking and all-terrain vehicle flash games. For such a game to be a success, they must balance level variety, game mechanics, and level progression. English Banana has hosted a game called Bike Champ 2, and this game is most certainly not a disappointment to those who love fast-paced biking games. In the spirit of the original Max Dirt Bike and Death or Diesel, Bike Champ 2 holds its own, and provides a great outlet for those bike game lovers who are craving something new.

For a simple, quick flash game, Bike Champ 2 features everything an online gamer loves. On the main menu, there is a an instructions page and an achievements page. Achievements are a must in games today. They make the gamer feel like they’re actually achieving something! Achievement description helps the player set a goal for themselves within the game.

Bike Champ 2 features over forty levels complete with unique tasks and obstacles. There are three different ‘scores’ the player can achieve, based on the time it takes to complete a level. Novice, Amateur, and Pro. There are three different bikes to choose from, each with different perks. The balanced bike provides both speed and trick stability, while the other two bikes focus on either speed or trick performance. Before the race event begins, an overview of the track is available while the player chooses their bike.

Once on the track, the player can perform bunny hops, flips off ramps, and wheelies. Doing these tricks will boost the player’s score. Bunny hopes are also essential for getting over some of the obstacles within the game. The game features a reset button R in case the player becomes trapped, and after the third level there are nitro boosts. These boosts gives the player a speed boost when the A button is pressed. Bike Champ 2 also features checkpoints periodically throughout a track. When a whistle blows, it signifies that the player has reached one of these checkpoints. Instead of reverting back to the very start of the track, if the player wrecks or presses the reset key, the player is sent back to this checkpoint.

In the world of flash games, it takes a good amount of effort for a game to be well liked. English Banana’s Bike Champ 2 has all the elements of a good game. It has good guidance for new players and for those who wish to challenge themselves, a Game Reset button that erases all progress. The game is an excellent sequel to its predecessor. For those of us who enjoy flash games as a means of both killing time and entertainment, Bike Champ 2 provides both in such a way that we are progressing in the game and achieving things with our little racer. Bike Champ 2 has wonderful potential, and English Banana may have a good set of games on their hands. If a Bike Champ 3 is released, the possibilities for the third installment are unlimited. Happy gaming!