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Alex Trax


Alex Trax

Alex Trax is a completely free online arcade game that can be found at Furg.net

In the game Alex Trax, you, the player, are the main character (Alex Trax). Armed with nothing but your wit, sang-froid and a pink BMX (bicycle motocross – half-urban/half-cross-country bicycle), your mission is to make it to the exit door at every level to get to the next section/level in the game. Oftentimes, this door is locked, and you will have to scour the level to find the key and then make your way back to the door.

Unlike other bike arcade games, this game is in no way about speed alone (although there are time bonuses if you finish a level before the counter runs out). Because the terrain is by no means flat, you must use are your sang-froid, wits and strategic instincts to get past the mountains, ramps and obstacles without landing on your head.

The following are the commands available to you:

– To pedal and move your bike forwards, press the UP arrow key;
– To cycle your bike backwards, press the DOWN arrow key;
– To tilt your body and bike to the left of the screen, press the LEFT arrow key;
– To lean your body and bike to the right of the screen, press the RIGHT arrow key;
– To stop, all you have to do is simply stop touching the keyboard;
– To accelerate, press the action key, that is the SHIFT key;
– To jump, you can also use the action key, aka the SHIFT key;
– To switch the direction your bike is moving along, press the SPACE BAR to flip your bike.

Please note that the LEFT and RIGHT directional buttons allow you, as stated above, to tilt your bike to the left and right on the screen. In fact you are rocking your body back and forth. Your ”front” will change directions when you use the SPACE BAR, and therefore the direction arrow you use to rock your body forward will also change.

Along your path, you will come across several signs with tips and strategies that will help you succeed throughout the game. Several things will slow your progress, and risk killing you, forcing you to start the level over again.

For example, and this is true at all points throughout the game: to pedal your bike too fast is to pave your way to an untimely death – speed reduces your ability exponentially to control your bicycle. What you need to try and do is maintain control of your speed and your balance – that control will make you a good cyclist and put you in a better position to manage your movements when you’ll have to take risks.

As tempting as it may be, going downhill should never be attempted at high speed. It will guarantee your demise. Whether you’re going forwards or backwards, you will tip over and land on your head.

At first, while you’re getting used to the game, the time bonus counter will undoubtedly run out. It’s normal to need to get your bearings! When you will feel like you know your way with the controls, you should try jumping. High above the skyline (out of immediate screen view), there are hidden time bonuses – collect as many of these as you can to boost your score!

There will be tricky situations on your road: you could get stuck on a steeply-inclined ramp, in a valley or on a point between a rise and a fall that’s so sharp it’s practically a stalagmite (except for the fact that it’s not in a cave). When you get stuck on any one of these natural obstacles, you can help yourself break free by pressing repeatedly on the SHIFT button (accelerate/jump). It’s kind of like your go-to key when you need to wiggle yourself out of trouble.

While on a ramp, you can aim to get bonus points by performing somersaults and back flips. To achieve this, get a good speed on the ramp and press the LEFT and RIGHT keys back and forth until you succeed in performing the desired trick. You can even try for a half-pipe by using the SHIFT key to gain greater speed and, once in the air, press the SPACE BAR to flip your bike to land more softly.